Friday, March 10, 2006


what are colours? Technically speaking, colours are the way our brain, by use of our eyes, interprets electromagnetic radiation of a wavelenght between 350 and 750 nanometers. The different wavelengths are seen as different colours, as in the spectrum below. You have most likely seen a spectrum like this many times before, so I am not going to say anything more about it. A colour wheel is pretty much just the spectrum twisted around so that the violet and red ends are joined. The colour wheel is particularly useful for showing how the colours relate to each other and how you can create new colours by mixing two or more colours.

There are three colours which are referred to as the primary colours. All other colours can be created by mixing these three colours. The primary colours are red, green and blue.
additive colours
Subtractive colours
Red, green and blue?Some of you might have learned that the primary colours are red, yellow and blue. In saying this you are both right and wrong. In classic colour theory, the primaries are red, yellow and blue. However, since here we deal with colours on a screen, it is more practical to think of red, green and blue as primaries. To explain this further we need to introduce two more terms - additive colour systems and subtractive colour systems. The additative colours system is what computer monitors and TV screens use-- any colour source that emits the light itself. If you look very very closely at your screen, you will see that it is built up of tiny red, green and blue dots. In the additative system, you get white when the three primary colours are present at 100%. The subtractive colour system, on the other hand, is what comes to play in printing, drawing, painting and such. This is when the colour does not emit any light of its own, but refects light from its surroundings. In the subtractive colour system, you get black when all colours are mixed. It is in this system that one of the primary colours is yellow.

The secondary colours are what you get when you mix any two adjacent primary colours. Red and green give yellow, red and blue give you magenta and a mix of green and blue result in a cyan colour.The secondary colours are also the primary colours in the subtractive colour system.The tertiary colours are those which lie in between the primary and secondary colours.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

What Is Life

Life is a challenge for you to face
Life is a gift for you to accept
Life is an adventure for you to dare
Life is sorrow and you have got to overcome
Life is tragedy and you have got to face it
Life is a duty,perform it
Life is a game,play it
Life is a mystery,unfold it
Life is a song,sing it
Life is an opportunity,take it
Life is a journey,complete it
Life is a promise,fulfill it
Life is beauty,praise it
Life is a struggle,fight it
Life is goal,achieve it
Life is a puzzle,solve it.
The vast majority of people let life pass them by,because they are too afraid to extend themselves.So,build up to the challenge now.
Life is so colourful.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Singing Along With Birds

In search of the perfect pet,you've got one right there with you.They are everywhere calling for your attention and love.They fill the skies,some of them with their sonorous voices enliven your days and nights.They are a free spiirt,flapping their wings in flight of frenzy,in flight of love.They are birds.The perfect creature of nature that tell a story of love,integrity,friendship and dignity in the home of people who have cared to let them into their lives.
I am of the opinion that nature has even been biased in its ways.It has given birds the most things that other animals can only dream of.Let's take the plumages and colours,the most inspiring and esoteric colour combinations ever can only be seen on the feathers of birds-right from the finches,the singing canaries,the kingly cocktatiels,the elegant Parakeets,the scintillating loverbirds and the chattering Parrots,it's a picturesque journey all the way.
To those who appreciate nature,the bird defines elegance and charm and teaches us wholesome lessons of love and friendship.Loyalty too remains a very mighty virtue in the bird world.People have simply not realised the essence of keeping birds.In the words of Debra Solomon 'birds are more than just pets,are lifelong friends,wondrous and can be incredible members of our families.They too have distint personalities and sometimes do things that seem astonishingly human'.
If you have ever heard the songs of the Robin,the joyful music of the canary,the chatter of the Parakeets,and the talk of the Parrot,then you will begin to wonder how blessed the human race with a variety of grace.Do you know what?I just thought of something,we could teach our children in this laden society,by exchanging dolls and chocolates for birds and fish.Not for eating,but to be cared for and loved.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Colourful World

It's a colourful world and a beautiful world that we all live in.Full of bright colours or having a lot of different colours,interesting or exicting,full of variety,sometimes in a way that is slightly shocking----colourful.
Running streams,desert sands, God above design them all,singing birds,valleys low,each little flower that opens e,tc this are just a few of the wonders of His hand, aren't you amazed? well, i am.
There are also so many things on our planet earth that were made through the material He created that we see today as colourful and beautiful,places like tourist centers,and so many places.
The most amazing sight I have ever seen has to be the Niagara Falls. There is really nothing like it. It is impossible to stand there and not be in awe of nature. It is a breathtaking sight. Everything is so beautiful and the sound of the falls is truly awe-inspiring. Very magical, very neat.
Next, I would have to say is the Polish countryside. Unfortunately, I don't have any really good pictures of the land, but it is very pretty. Everything is green and lush.
The last two that get a spot in the post are both in the US. One is the Grand Canyon. Well kind of... I actually don't really remember the canyon itself. What I do remember was standing on the picnic table in the campsite and looking up at the stars. The night was so dark and clear you could see the stars perfectly. That image has stuck with me ever since I was little. I'm not sure there is anything prettier than stars on a cloudless night.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Splendor Of White Light

The separation of white light into varying wavelength, the sensation created in the eye of light waves of varying lengths and any substance used to dye, tint e.t.c. the appearance that things have the results from the way in which they reflect light----colours.
The fundamentals of colours are red, yellow and blue which can be mixed together to get other colours, while the secondary colours as the name implies are less important than the primary, they happen as a result of the primary.
Passing light through a prism produces 7 colours, the arch or a cuved structure of different colours that appears in the sky when the sun shines through the rain ---rainbow.
According to the bible, the rainbow is a sign to us of a promise from God that this world will no longer be destroyed by water as in the days of Noah. The rainbow has 7 beautiful colours, which are, red, orange,yellow, green,blue, indigo and violet.
Colours are really beautiful and we're all living in a colourfull world.
A COLOURFULL WORLD?....WHY? find out soon

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