Monday, May 22, 2006

Little Thought

Let go of yesterday,dream of tomorrow and with hardwork it will become a reality.

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Love,it’s kept in a place of my keeping,the treasure chest of my heart,wrapped in tissue of forgiveness and tied with ribbon of faith and hope.The colors all speak of you pinks and blues and other hues sewn tight and fastened together with hope and faith and truth.

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My Necklace

Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience. It is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room.It is the national color of Ireland and is strongly associated with that country. Green also has close associations with Islam,because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Coupled with red it's a Christmas color.With both a warming and cooling effect, the color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Diamond can divide light into a spectrum of colors and reflect this light as colorful flashes called fire. Just as when looking through colored glass, color in a diamond will act as a filter, and will diminish the spectrum of color emitted. The less color in a diamond, the more colorful the fire, and the better the color grade.The color in diamonds graded K-Z detracts from the beauty of a diamond. It's especially noticeable set in platinum or white gold.Blue Nile also carries fancy-yellow colored diamonds, these diamonds are graded on a different color scale than white diamonds.

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Gray is a neutral, balanced color. It is a cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion although it can be seen as a cloudy or moody color. The lighter side of black, gray is a cool color seen in storm clouds and some metals. Like black, it is used as a color of mourning as well as a color of formality. Along with blue suits, gray suits are part of the uniform of the corporate world. Dark, charcoal gray carries with it some of the strengh and mystery of black. It is a sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black. Lighter grays are similar to white. Gray tuxedos are common for men at weddings.

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Brown is a natural, down-to-earth neutral color. It is found in earth, wood, and stone.It is a warm neutral color that can stimulate the appetite. It is found extensively in nature in both living and non-living materials. It represents wholesomeness and earthiness. While it might be considered a little on the dull side, it also represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health.Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color. It is more casual than black.

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Ivory is a soft neutral color that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light browns. Ivory represents quiet, pleasantness with a touch of luster. As a neutral, it is a calming color,it carries some of the same pureness, softness, and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer, a touch warmer. The ivory tusks of elephants have long been prized and used in jewelry and the decoration of housewares and furniture. Pearl and opal, shades of ivory, are also precious stones. Ivory is the traditional Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary gift while pearl is for the Thirtieth.

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White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Like black, white goes well with almost any color.To the human eye, it is a brilliant color that can cause headaches for some,too much bright white can be blinding. In most Western countries white is the color for brides. In the East, it's the color for mourning and funerals. White is often associated with hospitals, especially doctors, nurses, and dentists. Some cultures viewed white as the color of royalty or of dieties. Angels are typically depicted as wearing white.

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Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit.
It is one of the warm colors,because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazard signs and some emergency vehicles. Yellow is cheerful.If someone is yellow it means they are a coward so yellow can have a negative meaning in some cultures.

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Naigara Falls

This is so beautiful,but can not be compared to my dreamland,Tahiti,all my friends see me as the Tahitian fille,its really a nice place to be.

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My Dreamland

The outer islands of Tahiti are the most beautiful in the South Pacific attracting royalty and movie stars alike with beautiful lagoons, palm-covered atolls, beautiful people and exceptional handicrafts and wood carvings.Tahiti is my dreamland,which is yours........

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Do You Know

hi there,
I would like you all to view a site called, its really a great site,there you see young people aspiring for the top,never looking down,you'll really be encouraged.Check it out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day

So sorry this post had to come out at the wrong time,but it is still better late than never,to all mothers and my lovely mother, I really love and appreciate you and may God always bless and give you all your heart's desire.
To my mum;
Maman tu m'a donne
la vie,je t'aime
et je t'aimerai

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Color Match

Some people love the effect of walking into a friend’s home and being surrounded by dramatic paint schemes, but when it comes to painting their own home they just don’t dare use anything but white. So how does one gain color confidence? One good way is to take a little time and develop your eye for color, just like a fine artist or a professional decorator would.As your collection grows, find out what colors you really respond to and feel good about, and collect them in more detail. Soon, you’ll find yourself starting to become very aware of subtle differences. Spend a quiet evening putting together combinations that you’d like to try out. Show them to others, and get their opinions.

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Violet is the color of the crown chakra, which is concerned with the energy of the higher mind. It is very antiseptic, purifying on both physical and spiritual levels. It helps balance the physical and the spiritual energies. It is effective in cancerous conditions of the body. Arthritis can be eased by a violet light that leans more toward the blue shades. Violet also helps the body assimilate nutrients and minerals. It is the color of dignity, honor, self-respect, and hope. It is used to bolster self-esteem and counter feelings of hopelessness, as well as in the treatment of mental and nervous disorders. Its complement is yellow.

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Masculine Flower

hey guys,
just found out that there are so many flowers for guys,really thought we own them .So,you are not left out in the colorful world.Father I'll send you a beautiful one so you won't be jealous of my mum.

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Orange is vibrant. It's a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colors. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.As a warm color orange is a stimulant — stimulating the emotions and even the appetite. Orange can be found in nature in the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, and the skin and meat of citrus fruit.It represents the changing seasons so in that sense it is a color on the edge, the color of change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

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Feel Turquoise

A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication.Create feminine appeal with the lighter shades of turquoise, some shades of turquoise have an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel. Teal has a darker, somewhat more sophisticated look. Like the mineral, turquoise shades range from almost sky blue to deep greenish blues.Like my bag......

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Aquamarine is another of the gems composed of Beryl. It occurs in colors of light sky blue, greenish blue, or greenish yellow. The light sky-blue stone is the one of the most value, and is very brilliant, especially by artificial light. The color of the aquamarine may be altered by various artificial means, and experiments along this line have been undertaken for many years by some of the German universities, resulting in the discovery of a method by which in rare cases the less valuable greenish-blue variety may be changed to a shade of light sky blue of great value without altering the stone to any perceptible degree.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Black Rose

From the beginning of time, the black rose has been a potent symbol in cultures all over the world. This mystical flower can celebrate a light-hearted milestone birthday, render the heartfelt loss of love, or make a strong case for vengeance and retaliation.

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My flowery olive card is so cute.

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Spinel is a favorite of gem dealers and gem collectors due to its brilliance, hardness and wide range of spectacular colors. In addition to beautiful rich reds, it can be found in a range of beautiful pastel shades of pink and purple. Of particular interest is a vivid hot pink with a tinge of orange that is mined in Burma that is one of the most spectacular gemstone colors in any gem species. It also comes in beautiful blues which are sometimes called cobalt spinel, but these are very very rare.

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Men's Color

Men favor the color black only slightly more than women.A strong preference for conservative colors such as blue and black may also reflect social and cultural norms where women wear the brighter, more varied colors while men's attire is traditionally less colorful. Purple stands out as a feminine color because it is chosen almost exclusively by women as a favorite color and is strongly disliked by men. Men are less likely to respond favorably to other feminine favorites such as lavender and turquoise. Most people still think of pink as a feminine, delicate color, the color for little girls. Even though it is acceptable as a clothing color for men, the color pink has such strong negative associations for men that some uses of the color may be considered insulting to men.

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Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. It's cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, especially little girls. While red stirs up passion and action, studies have shown that large amounts of pink can create physical weakness in people. Perhaps there is a tie-in between this physical reaction and the color's association with the so-called weaker sex. In some cultures, such as the US, pink is the color of little girls. It represents sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink for men goes in and out of style. Most people still think of pink as a feminine, delicate color.It is romantic and charming.

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Lavender has long been a favorite flower and color of genteel ladies. This shade of purple suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special. Purple and its lighter lavender shades has a special, almost sacred place in nature,lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious. While purple is the color of royalty, lavender is the color of femininity. It's a grown up pink.

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My Burgundy Dress

My Burgundy Dress is an exquisitely beautiful dress made of burgundy color velveteen lined in burgundy color silk taffeta fabric. It is lavishly embellished on the bodice front with ruby jewels and drops. Ruby jewels are randomly sprinkled throughout the dress and train.A matching color ostrich plume boa is gently draped across the back of the shoulders of the bodice; single plumes are tacked over the bustle and sprinkled on the skirt and train.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Ring

The heart is a shape that often symbolizes love,so also is my ring.

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My Meal

Check out how colorful my meal is,well,that's me for you all,the colorful fille.

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My Favorite Rose

I'm posting this just to show you how much i love red rose.

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Fancy Sapphire

Sapphire is often considered to be synonynous with the color blue, it is beautiful beyond blue,in every color but red, because red is called ruby.The other colors of sapphire can be just as beautiful and rare - or even rarer - than the blue but they are usually priced less. Yellow, orange, lavender, and other pastel shades are especially affordable.No matter what the color, sapphires combine durability and beauty for generations of pleasure.

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In jewelry design as in fashion, colors look crisper against a background of black and black and white always looks right. In fine jewelry, the black backdrop is often supplied by onyx, a chalcedony quartz with a fine texture and black color.Onyx which is reddish brown and white is known as sardonyx.It is also popular in marcasite jewelry. So if you would like to add a little black magic to your jewelry design, consider onyx.
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Moonstone shows an almost magical play of light as its characteristic feature. It owes its name to this mysterious gleaming which appears different whenever the stone changes its position in movement. Its soft shine will support the emotional and dreamy tendencies of a person. The associations thus involved make Moonstone of course the ideal stone for lovers, reputed to bring forth feelings of tenderness and to protect true love. It is also reported that wearing a Moonstone will further intuition and your sensitivity for others.It does not only ask to be looked at and admired, its requires to be worn and moved a lot, because only then the soft veil of light which makes this gemstone so attractive will be able to display its beauty to the best effect.

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Purple has long been considered a royal color so it is not surprising that amethyst has been so much in demand during history. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty. Amethyst, transparent purple quartz, is the most important quartz variety used in jewelry.It ranges in color from pale lilac to deep purple. The pale colors are sometimes called "Rose de France" and can be seen set in Victorian jewelry. The deep colors are the most valuable, particularly a rich purple with rose flashes.
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Ruby Red

Which colour would you spontaneously associate with love and vividness, passion and power? Obviously this will evoke the colour red. Red symbolizes love, it emanates warmth and a strong sense of life. Red is also the colour of Ruby, the King of gemstones. After all, in the fascinating realm of gemstones rubies are the generally accepted emperors. Ruby-red. The most important characteristic about that valuable stone is its colour. There is of course a reason for this: the name "Ruby” was derived from the Latin word "rubens” meaning "red”. The red of Rubies is in a class all by otself, warm and fiery. Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of this colour, fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind. And thus Ruby-red is not just any old colour, no, it is the epitome of colour, hot, passionate and powerful colour. A ring set with a precious Ruby does not really symbolise a calm and moderate sympathy, but rather passionate and unbridled love which two people feel for each other.But just as true love is rare indeed, so are really perfect Rubies. And if you find one, it is bound to cost a small fortune. Nevertheless, once you found "your” Ruby, do not hesitate, go for it and keep it!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Bloodstone is a green stone with red spots. It also occurs in shades of dark green with red, brown and multicolored spots. The iron minerals cause the deep red and brown colors.It is dark-green variety of the silica mineral chalcedony that has nodules of bright-red jasper distributed throughout its mass. Polished sections therefore show red spots on a dark-green background, and from the resemblance of these to drops of blood it derives its name. Its physical properties are those of quartz.It is a stone with red spots which resemble drops of blood, so it is received its name due to this similarity.It is used to help one become more knowledgeable in the ways of the world,it is also believed to be a very magical stone.

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The name "garnet" is derived from the Latin "granatum" meaning "pomegranate" because the crystals resemble the red color and seed-like form of this fruit. Most people think of it as a red gemstone, but,it exists in all kinds of colors, as in black, many shades of red and green or even colorless. It's variety of colors comes from metals such as manganese, iron, calcium, and aluminum. Some varieties even contain mineral fibers that produce the illusion of a four- or six-rayed star within the stone. Green garnets are most highly prized but are very rare. Emerald green and colorless stones are highly valued, followed by pure red garnets.

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Opal is a very fun stone which has many colors.The fire in an opal is enchanting,it is a noncrystalline form of the mineral silica which, despite its amorphous structure, displays an amazing degree of internal organization. It is related to its more commonly found but highly crystalline cousins quartz and agate, and is formed from amorphous "balls" or lumps" of silica rather that from ordered, naturally faceted crystals.Opal is one of the few gemstones that is sedimentary in origin.It is found in Australia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Mexico and USA(Idaho).

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Silver, especially a shiny, metallic silver, is cool like gray but livelier, more playful. It can be sleek and modern or impart a feeling of ornate riches. It is a precious metal and other metals are often described as silver in color. It doesn't have the warmth of gold. It's a cool metal. Well, it often symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver can be glamorous and distinguished.

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My Daisy

Mum was so happy when Samantha turned 21 last week,little Sam loved flowers so mum got her this beautiful daisy,so what did mum get for you........i'm waiting

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Cherry Pink

This is the beautiful bag i bought the last vacation to Tahiti,love it

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Cloudy Sky

Have you been in a cloudy atmosphere and has ever attempted to look up for a momemt?I'm postimg this for you to see how colorful and beautiful it is on a cloudy day

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Topaz is the Texas state gemstone as well as the birthstone for the month of November. It occurs naturally in many colors including blue, orange, brown, green, pink, beige and red. Colorless topaz, a common variation, can be treated by irradiation to produce a wide range of shades of blue. Thus treated, blue topaz is one of the most popular and widely used of all gemstones.
Blue topaz was adopted as the state gemstone as the result of legislation approved March 26, 1The above blue topaz sample, which illustrates the popular "Lone Star" cut, was provided by C. Kirk Root Designs of Austin. It is displayed about ten times actual size. 969. The same legislation also named petrified palmwood as the state stone .
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A cousin to yellow is gold. While green may be the color of money, gold is the color of riches and extravagance. It shares many of the attributes of yellow and it is also a warm color that can be both bright and cheerful as well as somber and traditional.

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Well,the name Dahlia happens to be my best friend's name,i'm posting this to show you all how beautiful she is,and i'm so such she'll blush if she sets her eyes on this post,do you have a best friend you wish to show..........

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